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After Angad Bedi, Nikhil Chinapa backs Neha Dhupia over her comments on Roadies

Neha Dhupia Turned to a contestant about Roadies R-Evolution after her comments in a controversy and Afterwards Angad Bedi, Nikhil Chinapa has come in Service of This Celebrity.  He composed an email which has been six pages.  Certainly!  It ended up being a remark that acquired men and women and responses began questioning Dhupia's definition of ladies feminism and empowerment.
Effectively, it appears this matter is but we're convinced we will overlook it and go ahead!  A good deal of men and women on networking marketing have extended their service.  Why don't we determine who will be second!

And also it is dealt together along with by the article of Chinapa.  He explained that he had been dwelling, he's captured some the time and he's put his view down.  In addition, he stated those that are currently trying to remark they have consistently been more welcome.  Read on by the very first line and then choose whether or not you consent or accept disagree.

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