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Is Azim Premji donated 50 thousand crores to fight Corona? Wipro reveals

New Delhi:''  Amidst the coronavirus catastrophe that the information spread fast on societal networking marketing which Azim Premji, the chairman of technology organization Wipro, has given a substantial add up into the charity.  It's been maintained he has contributed 50 million rupees in charity to resist that the outbreak.  Meanwhile, there has been something shown in certain reports.
This does not have any experience of truth.  The solution has been not any, After his business was contested about that viral promise.  Discussing this press, Wipro said that"This statement had been manufactured in March 20-19.  Now no statement was created.  "Premji is quite well-known because of his identify, riches and fame in addition to his or her own insecurities.  He's already been performing charity at yesteryear to offer the portion with instruction.  In March 20-19 he contributed 34 percent stocks of the company to get good functions "
As stated by'Forbes' record, the recent networth of Azim Premji has been currently 5.2 billion bucks (roughly 3 6 million crores rupees).  And, therefore far he's given $2 1 billion (1.47 lakh crore rupees).

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