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New Twist In Director-Actor Feud

The fall out between manager Venky Kudumula and your celebrity Naga Shaurya has changed into a popular topic.  Naga Shaurya who launched that the manager together with'Chalo' has chased that the manager towards the center.  He left allegations that were acute stating the narrative was initially compiled by himself however he also did not take charge.  He included the manager offered the auto or truck talented by the mum of Shaurya which feud lasted until ' Bheeshma'FILE _ 0_EXTENSION Shaurya's launch is a synonym of both most all hot-headedness at Tollywood.  He left an allegation she features a significant frame of mind and skipped the pictures of these picture'Kanam'.  She awakened and valued the celebrity's job, when questioned the exact same into Sai Pallavi.
It was seen just how much this celebrity mends his behavior since field and humbleness succeeds from the movie market! 

Venky Kudumula now heaped compliments on Naga Shaurya expressing,"He's left me a manager by setting a manufacturing household for your interest of me personally.  Today I don't actually believe any enmity together with it has been their or her own understanding about the narrative credits of'Chalo'."  Truly Venky movie'Bheeshma's victory demonstrated that his own ability and also replied a great deal of issues while inside the feud!

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