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Underwater scene of song Bhula Dunga featuring Sidharth Shukla, took 3 hours to shoot

Darshan Raval's track started on YouTube.  This could be the time if he isn't behaving in his new songs .  This moment tv star, Bigg winner and chef year old 1 3 Contestants, Sidharth Shukla have a opportunity.  Men and women were amazed by Even the duo .  Their supporters waited for these to show up to the tv screen for a few of.  Their delay was finished.  The audio video spanned 2-3 million viewpoints within two times around YouTube.  This tune is currently trending in India.

You men understand, such as episodes and pictures, shooting audio videos requires some moment.  The entire song accomplished its own shooting 2 days having a 1-2 hours change.  Then you seen impressive scenes, for example an underwater landscape For those who might have viewed the video.
Thus men, let us speak regarding the spectacle that is submerged.  This spectacle took longer than 3 hrs complete. 

According to several resources, Sidharth Shukla came outside in 1:35 Am and then also went in to the pool.  He had been at the pool for just about 3 hrs 3-5 minutes.  He had been shivering he was not able enough to start his eyes, his own eyes were watery, also on account of the cool, his eyesight was blurred due to contamination found from the atmosphere again.  Sidharth Shukla insisted continuing the haul, although the group made a decision to quit firing due to his illness.  He gives his very best chance if he shoots his series or performing any job of Bigg chef or shoots some audio online movie clip.  We could determine just how enthusiastic he is all about his job along with he really is.

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